Black Lives Matter Glues Names on Stars at HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME

BLM Hollywood

Black Lives Matter activists have glued the names of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and others onto stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s just their latest stunt to remain relevant.

The Root reports:

Hollywood Walk of Fame Receives Black Lives Matter Makeover

Empty stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame got a makeover last Friday. Instead of being adorned with celebrity names, the stars had the names of people killed by police officers. From Tamir Rice to Eric Garner, members of a group by the name of Indecline took matters into their own hands to remember those killed by law enforcement.

According to Sputnik News, the group uploaded a Vimeo and Instagram video that showed exactly how it pulled off its Black Lives Matter mission. In addition to Rice and Garner’s names, other names included Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Oscar Grant, Kimani Gray and Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

According to various posts by users on social media, the names have already been removed.

“Just an update, it appears they have been removed. Walked up and down Hollywood and Vine for the past couple hours,” erik_ljung posted on Instagram.

#BlackLivesMatter by @indeclineofficial

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Can you believe liberal Hollywood removed the names? Isn’t that racism?



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