Bill O’Reilly: Turning Point for This Race for Trump Was When He Attacked Bill and Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

On Tuesday Bill O’Reilly tonight weighed in on the Donald Trump’s sensational year. Bill says the turning point for this race for Donald Trump was when he attacked Bill and Hillary Clinton.

On December 23, 2015, Hillary Clinton told the Des Moines Register GOP front-runner Donald Trump had a “penchant for sexism.”

Big Mistake.


Donald Trump immediately issued this threat on Twitter:

Trump them went on to shine light on Bill Clinton’s numerous sexual assault charges.

Trump then went on a prolonged and vicious attack against abuser Bill Clinton.

And, look what happened…
Hillary’s polling numbers immediately tanked.
hillary tanks
Hillary’s lead dropped nearly 13 points in the first week of January via Real Clear Politics.

Trump chewed up the Clintons and spit them out.
Now she’s struggling for her political life.

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