LIVE VIDEO=> Anti-Trump Protesters Take Over Janesville, Wisconsin Hotel Where Trump Set to Speak Tuesday

Leftist protesters have been missing Donald Trump’s rallies so much as he took a break from the road that they are already protesting the leading Republican presidential candidate by taking over the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express at the Janesville, Wisconsin Conference Center where Trump is scheduled to speak at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Protesters are seated in the lobby wearing tubes covering and connecting the arms of protesters together, likely with handcuffs–a tactic leftists use to make it difficult for police to remove protesters.

Video was posted to Twitter by Amanda Devoe of WIFR-TV.


“Trump protestors take over Janesville, WI Holiday Inn, urging the hotel to cancel Trump rally tomorrow. @23WIFR”

Live video from the hotel lobby of the protest was streamed on Ustream.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

WTMJ-TV posted a photo to Twitter of the protesters in the lobby.

“Anti-Trump protesters still linking arms at Janesville hotel. WATCH: “

The Janesville Gazette reported about sixty protesters took over the hotel lobby, including a Democrat representative in the Wisconsin state Assembly, Melissa Sargent who was quoted as saying, ““We’re here to keep hate out of our state.”

Most of the protesters left the hotel ,but a reported six remained hooked together and displaying signs.

“NOW: WI activists stage sit in at Janesville @holidayinn hosting Trump tomorrow: … #StopTrump”

“Trump protesters during a sit in @ the Holiday Inn in Janesville, WI. Trump is scheduled 4 a rally @ the hotel Tues “

MORE— Journalists and friends of Gateway Pundit, Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal, will be on the ground in Janesville tomorrow for the Trump rally.

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