American College of Pediatricians Says Indulging Children in Transgenderism IS CHILD ABUSE

Child Transgenderism

In a few short years, we’ve gone from merely accepting transgender people to celebrating it as something wonderful and indulging children in it.

The American College of Pediatricians has released a new report which calls it child abuse.

The Illinois Family Institute reports:


Pediatricians Call It What It Is – Child Abuse

The American College of Pediatricians has released an in-depth report stating that the move to indoctrinate children with the idea that they can pick their gender amounts to child abuse.  They are urging legislators and educators to reject all policies that would condition children to accept chemical and surgical distortions allowing people to impersonate the opposite sex.

Some of the points made in their report include the following:

  • Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait. “XY” and “XX” chromosomes are genetic markers, not a disorder.
  • No one is born with a gender.  Everyone is born with a biological sex.  Gender is a psychological concept, not an objective biological one.
  • A person thinking he or she is something they are not, at best, is a sign of confusion.
  • Puberty is not a disease and puberty-blocking hormones can be dangerous.
  • When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such.

Read the rest here.

Keep this in mind the next time the liberal media profiles a “brave” child who is transgender with the full support of his or her parents.


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