AMAZING! GOP Continues to SHATTER Turnout Records – Here Are the Numbers for Each State

Thanks to Donald Trump Republican turnout is breaking records across the country this year.

Meanwhile, Democrat Party turnout has been lagging compared to 2008.

FOX News flashed these turnout numbers today after the Super Tuesday primaries–
In the early states GOP turnout was heavy in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.
Democratic turnout is down in EVERY STATE.
turnout 1


On Super Tuesday turnout was up 51% in Alabama and 89% in Arkansas – both states won by Donald Trump.
turnout 2

Turnout in Texas was up over 100% while Democrat turnout was cut in half!  
Turnout at the Minnesota GOP caucus was up by 79% !
turnout 3

The Washington Times reported last night on the Super Tuesday turnout:

Republicans continued to shatter turnout records in their presidential primaries and caucuses Tuesday, while Democrats lagged behind in what analysts said was a clear indication of an enthusiasm gap heading into the general election.

Virginia easily broke its GOP record of 664,000 votes from 2000, and was nearing the 1 million mark. That would be four times the turnout in 2012’s Republican primary.

But Democrats in the state were unlikely to touch their record set in 2008’s contentious primary.

In Georgia, results were trickling in more slowly, but projections put the GOP there on pace to top the 900,000-vote record set in the 2012 Republican primary, when favorite son Newt Gingrich was in the race.

All told, about a dozen states held caucuses or primaries on Tuesday, but returns in the rest of them were too preliminary to make projections as of press time — though Tennessee and Texas were also on record paces in early returns.

“We have expanded the Republican Party,” GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said at a post-election press conference Tuesday night. “There’s much less enthusiasm for the Democrats.”

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