BREAKING=> JEB BUSH PAC Is Paying People to Go Sit at His Events …Update: Hoax?

Jeb is paying $25 per hour for people to go sit at his campaign events.

They are literally paying people to attend his events.
Via Free Republic:
jeb hiring seat warmers

The Conservatarian reported:


This is a picture of a flier from RJ Penny a student in Iowa campaigning for Rand Paul, we reached out for comment but received no reply. It seems Jeb now had to resort to paying people to attend his functions. We also contacted the email attached and have yet to get a reply, reporting live.

Kinda sad for the former Governor as he was seeing a boost after his last debate performance where he embraced being a moderate just like with the rest of his family. This is a sign of a campaign desperate for support but overflowing with capital. Who said money can buy you everything.

Now we know what happened to the $100 million they raised.

UPDATE: The flyer may be a hoax. The image was shared by Jeff Sadosky, a spokesman for the Conservative Solutions PAC, which supports Bush rival Marco Rubio.

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