WOW! Andrea Tantaros SCHOOLS National Review Trump-Hater Rich Lowry on Trump’s Iowa Performance (VIDEO)

Andrea Tantaros schooled National Review ‘Gang of 22’ leader Rich Lowry Tuesday on “Outnumbered” after the Iowa caucuses.

rich lowry tantaros

Lowry gleefully bashed Trump on “Outnumbered” for coming in second in Iowa.
Tantaros let him have it.

Rich Lowry: He went to Iowa and HE LOST! And he was beaten fair and square by Ted Cruz. And if this thing would have gone one more day Rubio probably would have clipped him. It’s because he skipped the FOX debate, he insulted one of the anchors…

Andrea Tantaros: …This is what I don’t understand. The party has shifted into a nationalist mode and the voters are angry and they’ve been discounted and insulted by your publication. It’s really, really rude… Tell me this logic. This is the logic I’m hearing from you. Third place is a win. Second place is a loss and first place is irrelevant?

Nice job, Andrea.

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