Wall Street Journal Tries To Cover Up Fact That Illegal Immigration Hurts American Workers

immigrant workers

The Wall Street Journal may be one of the biggest backers of amnesty and illegal immigration. This week, they had an entire piece claiming that without illegal immigration, states like Arizona would fail. That’s a total lie.

Western Free Press reports:

As it turns out, another study just released found that less immigration helps wages rise in the country for immigrants already here and for American workers.

The study found that when roughly 200,000 illegal immigrants left Arizona between 2007-2012 because of stricter immigration laws, the median income for “low-skilled white” workers rose 6 percent in 2008 alone.

Additionally, tougher immigration laws and enforcing E-verify employment laws led to more undocumented workers leaving the state.

With that, wages for farm workers rose by 15 percent between that time period and for construction workers, wages rose by 10 percent.

These findings were, of course, buried in a Wall Street Journal article, which tried to dress up illegal immigration, high immigration levels and amnesty as a ‘net positive’ for the state of Arizona. However, former Gov. Jan Brewer’s strict stance on immigration has helped wages and incomes rise.

So higher wages, higher incomes, more jobs and less expenses to taxpayers amounts to a “few benefits” according to the Wall Street Journal? What a joke.


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