VIDEO=> Trump Bashes Cruz Camp’s ‘DISHONEST’ DIRTY TRICKS Against Ben Carson- Sue His Ass Off!

carson cruz dirty trick

On Monday Dr. Ben Carson accused the Cruz camp of foul play in the Iowa Caucuses.
Carson said the Cruz camp told voters Carson was dropping out and to support Ted Cruz.

Carson was right to be outraged…
The Cruz camp sent this message out at 7:01 PM before the caucuses.
cruz rumor carson

Tuesday night at his Milford, New Hampshire, Donald Trump blasted Ted Cruz for his dishonest campaign tactics.


And Ted Cruz comes out with an ad that I’m in favor of Obamacare. Do you believe this? Just like he did with Carson, where Carson, he said, left Iowa. He’s out of the race. Vote for him. Did you hear about this one? He said he left Iowa. So Ben is all of the sudden getting calls that he quit the race. These guys said, he quit the race, he’s out, send your votes to him. What kind of people are we dealing with with these politicians? And made up stories… These are dishonest people, these politicians… If he gets the nomination they’re going to sue his ass off!

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