VIDEO: Nutcase Charges Bernie Sanders at Rally, Secret Service Jumps In to Protect Him

The Secret Service took action to protect Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) from a protester last night at a Chicago rally.
nutcase sanders

The woman was seen holding a sign as she was escorted out of the auditorium at Chicago State University Thursday night.

Video of the rally shows a startled Sanders stopping his speech as a Secret Service agent rushes to his side. Sanders raises his right hand and says, “Whoa! Easy, easy, easy,” to the woman as the agent takes protective hold of Sanders.


Sanders and the agent both dismissively wave their arms ordering other agents to take the woman away. The protester was stopped before getting on stage. The camera pulls back and a woman wearing a blue shirt and holding two white signs is seen being escorted out of the rally by agents.

The message on the signs could not be seen.

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