VIDEO=> Portland State Dishonors MLK With #BlackLivesMatter Founders

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.01.44 PM#BlackLivesMatter co-founders Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza were the special guests of honor at Portland State University’s Martin Luther King Jr. event. The Stott Center gymnasium was sold out, and a live stream was set up in an overflow room.

The event started off with Chief Officer Of Diversity And Inclusion, Dr. Carmen Suarez, lecturing everyone about white privilege, and explaining how they’ve been embedding that notion in academia for years.

“Privilege. The concept of privilege has, for some time, been engaged in our studies and our discourse, and we’ve moved the concept of privilege out of the academic classrooms and research, to a foundational lens by which many us learned and examined individual, structural, and systemic social injustices. Light skinned privilege is something unearned that so many of us enjoy.”


The guests of honor openly said “I want a candidate that will take seriously, reparations for black people”.

But what about saying “all lives matter”? “But most of the time when we hear ‘all lives matter’ it’s not well intention-ed. It’s a way to silence a very important conversation that this nation needs to have around the foundations of this country. This country was built on genocide, theft of people’s land, and slavery. From the very founding of this nation, not all lives have mattered.”

And if you bring up black-on-black crime, you’re racist. “To me that statement, especially when it’s deployed by white folks, is a very blatantly racist way of engaging and relating”

Of course they hate capitalism and “hetero-normative ways of thinking about relationships.”

And they ended the festivities by ripping on black conservative actress Stacey Dash. “When i hear comments like that, I often think about who’s behind it, more so than I think about who the mouthpiece is. And the same comments that Stacy Dash is making are comments that I expect to hear from people like Donald Trump.”

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