UPDATE: Reports Were Wrong=> Vets Group Took Trump Donation

UPDATE: This report by the Weekly Standard is incorrect.
Liberty House accepted the Trump donation but could not receive the donation at a rally for tax reasons.

Another brilliant move by someone who feels more strongly about politics than the cause he supposedly cares about.
trump vets

New Hampshire based Liberty House turned down a large donation from Donald Trump because they didn’t want to appear like they were supporting his campaign.


Because politics trump care for veterans.
The Weekly Standard reported:
The Daily Beast is reporting that a small New Hampshire-based veterans charity has turned down a six figure check from Donald Trump. Liberty House turned Trump’s money away because they objected to it being given to them in a public setting: a campaign rally for Trump.

The Beast’s Tim Mak has more:

On Friday, Liberty House executive director Keith Howard received a call from a Trump campaign staffer, who conveyed that Trump would like to publicly present them with a six-figure check at a Londonderry rallyon Monday, right before the Granite State primary.

It’s an enormous amount of money for a small charity. But Howard said he wouldn’t do it—risking the entire, substantial donation on a point of principle.

Howard, a 57-year-old Army vet, objected to the use of veterans for political purposes. He doesn’t believe that his charity—which clothes the homeless, feeds the needy, and provides housing to 10 formerly homeless vets—should be presented with money by a political candidate at a political rally.

“This is not directed at the Trump campaign,” Howard said. “This is about any campaign.”

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