Use Of The Baby Name ‘Hillary’ Has Declined Ever Since BILL CLINTON Was Elected

bill and hillary clinton

It seems Hillary Clinton has destroyed the name “Hillary” to the point that nobody wants to name their kids after one of the most corrupt public figures in American history.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

The popularity of the name “Hillary” has declined among Americans since 1993, the year that Bill and Hillary Clinton entered the White House.

First noted by Gawker, Hillary was the 261st most popular name for a newborn baby girl in the United States in 1993, according to data from the Social Security Administration. The popularity of the name declined sharply the following year, Hillary becoming the 566th most popular baby girl name in 1994.

The name’s frequency continued to decline among Americans, becoming the 961st most popular female baby name in 2007. The year following, it ticked up slightly to the 721st most popular name before dropping off the tally of 1,000 most popular names entirely.

The popularity of the name “Hilary,” almost identical to “Hillary,” experienced a similar decline after 1993. The year prior, Hilary was the 233rd most popular baby girl name, sliding down the chart to the 652nd most frequently used baby girl name in 1993. Since, the name has not been among the top 1,000 most popular female baby names.

What a shame. Hillary’s not that bad of a name but the Clintons have ruined it, like everything else.

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