THE DIRTY TRICKS CAMPAIGN=> Cruz Camp and Cronies Continue the Disgusting and Dishonest Antics in South Carolina

Earlier this month Dr. Ben Carson accused the Cruz camp of foul play in the Iowa Caucuses.
Carson said the Cruz camp told voters Carson was dropping out and to support Ted Cruz.
carson cruz dirty trick

Carson was right to be outraged…
The Cruz camp sent their dishonest statements out to 1,500 precincts before the voting started at the Iowa caucuses.

The Carson camp later accused the Cruz camp of dirty tricks saying, “There was never a more tainted victory!”

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Last week nasty anti-Trump robocalls started running in South Carolina. Donald Trump accused the Cruz camp of being behind the calls.

Of course, Senator Cruz denied having anything to do with the ads.
But it was a lie.
And now there is proof that a Cruz PAC is behind the nasty anti-Trump and anti-Rubio robocalls.

The Washington Post reported:

Natalie Barrett, a 53-year-old schoolteacher from Westminster, got a robo-call earlier this month and ended up furious.

It started off simple enough, an automated man’s voice asking her age and gender, then quizzing her on which Republican candidates she liked. But when she selected Sen. Marco Rubio as one of her choices, she said, things got nasty.

“That’s when he said, ‘Did you know that Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight are for amnesty?’” she recalled in a phone interview. “And then the gentleman said he’s for letting 11 million illegal immigrants stay in the U.S. and that he was for letting Syrians cross the borders freely.”

Barrett said she found the call — which continued to say negative things about Rubio before taking shots at Donald Trump for being a supporter of eminent domain — to be “negative” and “unfair,” but she couldn’t figure out right away who it was from. The voice said the poll was conducted by some place called Remington Research.

She told her Rubio-supporting friend about the call; her friend told the campaign. They said they knew exactly what Remington Research was: a consulting firm started by Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe.

“These tactics are becoming all too common in this race and indicative of our opponents’ campaigns that are willing to say or do anything to win an election,” Rich Beeson, Rubio’s deputy campaign manager, said. “This is nothing more than a deliberate effort to peddle false information in the hopes of deceiving voters.”

But, of course, nothing is that simple in politics.

“We’re not doing any robo-polls in South Carolina,” said Chris Wilson, Cruz’s director of research. “It’s not us making those calls. Anyone can make those calls as Remington Research to screw with reporters and make Jeff look like he’s doing something.”

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National Right to Life calls Cruz attack on Rubio’s pro-life record ‘inaccurate and misleading.’
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