Trump Pulls Negative Ad on Cruz – Cruz Continues to Run Dishonest Smear Ad on Trump

The Donald J. Trump campaign pulled a negative ad they were running on Ted Cruz in South Carolina.
The ad pointed out Cruz controversies:

The New York Times reported:

On Tuesday, Donald J. Trump’s campaign started running a negative ad in South Carolina against Senator Ted Cruz that was searing, describing the winner of the Iowa Republican caucuses as a fake and a “Washington insider.”

The spot also scolded Mr. Cruz for his campaign’s role in spreading claims that Ben Carson had suspended his campaign while the caucuses were taking place; Mr. Carson, in fact, had not ended his candidacy, and Mr. Cruz later apologized to him.

But on Wednesday the spot was abruptly pulled down by the campaign. The Wall Street Journal reported on the strategic shift, saying that Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, had made the decision to go with all positive spots beginning on Thursday. Mr. Lewandowski made the decision after seeing that Mr. Trump’s more positive-focused tone in New Hampshire appeared to help him at the end, according to The Journal.

Asked to confirm the Journal’s account about only running positive spots going forward, Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump, said that is now the campaign’s plan, although she did not elaborate on the reason for the change.

Meanwhile, the Cruz Campaign continued to play their dishonest Donald Trump smear ad.


Just like with the dirty trick played on Ben Carson, the Cruz camp doesn’t appear to care about the truth in their ads.
It’s all about winning.

Here’s the original ad:

And here is the honest correction:

Hopefully, there will be some pushback against this nasty dishonesty.

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