Trump Confronted at CNN Town Hall: Can My Daughters Look Up to a President Trump as a Role Model? (Video)

Joseph Manzoli, the chief operating officer of YMCA Greater Nashua, New Hampshire, confronted Donald Trump yesterday during a CNN town hall event with Anderson Cooper.
trump ambushed

Manzoli asked Trump if his daughters could look up to a President Trump as a role model?

Manzoli claims he is an undecided New Hampshire voter.


Trump knocked it out of the park with his response.
Via Business Insider:

Trump initially joked that the questioner was a CNN plant to create a dramatic confrontation.

“Who asked you to give this question?” he said. “Did Anderson? By the way, this is a CNN setup, but that’s OK.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who was moderating the town hall, assured Trump that his network didn’t feed questions to any of the audience members.

Trump proceeded by defending some of his campaign-trail firestorms. He first defended his treatment of women by saying that his real-estate company had hired many women:

Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Thirty years ago, I had a woman building a major, major construction job in New York City. And that never happens. That just didn’t happen. … I have so many women executives. I have been great to women. And women have been great to me. They’ve done a great job.

He then defended his hard-line rhetoric against illegal immigration. Trump, whose town hall was in Manchester, New Hampshire, related the immigration issue to the heroin epidemic in the state.

He said:

I do bring up things that people don’t want to bring up. I talk about immigration — stronger than anybody else. I talk about building a wall. If you look at New Hampshire, you have a tremendous heroin problem. It’s coming from the border!

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