These Two Photos Prove The Media is Totally BIASED IN FAVOR OF ABORTION

Remember when the Kermit Gosnell case broke? His house of abortion horrors was largely ignored by the media because it didn’t fit their pro-abortion narrative. Another recent incident however, got plenty of coverage.

The Right to Life Michigan blog reported:

Media bias in two pictures

Do you remember this picture?

Abortion MI 1

It was taken by JD Mullane, a news columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, showing the empty rows reserved for the media during the criminal trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. When America’s most prolific serial killer was on trial for multiple murders and the jury was hearing horrific details of what occurred in Gosnell’s abortion clinic, the media didn’t bother to show up.

However, the media was highly interested when prolife activist/citizen journalist David Daleiden went to the Harris County courthouse yesterday to merely post bond after being charged with using a fake driver’s license to go undercover into Planned Parenthood. Daleiden was offered a plea deal to received only probation which he turned down.

Below is a picture taken by Phil Archer, a KPRC Local 2 Reporter, showing the hallway of the courthouse filled with media. Archer also posted a video which shows media personnel with at least 7-8 large video cameras and numerous others taking photos.

Abortion MI 2

Story that makes abortion look bad? The media ignores.


Story that attempts to discredit pro-life activist? The media can’t get enough.

No obvious bias there, huh?


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