Ted Cruz Preaches at South Carolina Church: “There Is a Spirit of Awakening, A Spirit of Revival… Sweeping This Country”

Ted Cruz preached at the Community Bible Church in Beaufort, South Carolina on Sunday.

Senator Cruz spoke for an hour from the pulpit.
News Channel 6 reported on the senator’s visit.

Church goers say they were excited to hear Cruz talk about the biblical role of government and hear him proclaim the word of God.

“And people are waking up. There is a spirit of awakening and a spirit of revival. That is sweeping South Carolina and is sweeping this country,” Cruz said.

“Just very interesting to hear his spiritual side to see if he is for real because some many people present themselves as Christians and they truly aren’t.” Community Bible Church Administrator David Klopfer said.

“And I do believe that as a nation, under God, that we should support a Godly man to be president of the United States of America,” said Community Bible Church guest Nita Zachow.

Cruz told the churchgoers after his sermon, “I could not be more encouraged by the conservatives, by the evangelicals, that are unifying behind the campaign. If conservatives stand together we’re going to win.”


Senator Cruz signed autographs and took selfies after the service.

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