Ted Cruz Eligibility Lawsuits Filed in Texas, New York, Illinois, Alabama and Now Pennsylvania

Ted Cruz eligibility lawsuits have been filed in Texas, New York, Illinois, Alabama and now Pennsylvania.
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Ted Cruz is a natural born Canadian citizen. He was born in Canada and did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until after he was a member of the US Senate in 2014.

The Cruz campaign wants to delay a Texas eligibility lawsuit against the Canadian born senator.


Last week a Republican lawyer filed a lawsuit against Cruz’s eligibility in Pennsylvania.
CBS Local reported:

We’ve all heard the claim from Donald Trump that Sen. Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, is not a “natural born citizen.”

If Trump’s right, Sen. Cruz isn’t eligible to be president. Now, KDKA has learned that the first test of that could happen here in Pennsylvania.

Last week, Sen. Cruz filed nominating petitions to run for president in Pennsylvania’s April 26 Republican primary. Now a Republican attorney from suburban Philadelphia has challenged Sen. Cruz’s right to run because he is not a natural born citizen.

“It is my contention supported by a number of constitutional scholars that it means one must be born in the United States, that the framers of the Constitution were very concerned about the influence of foreign powers over the nascent republic,” said attorney David Farrell.

In a petition filed with the state’s Commonwealth Court, Farrell, of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, says Sen. Cruz’s Canadian birth certificate proves he was born in Canada, and the fact that his mother is an American citizen does not make him natural born.

“We’re going to get right to that constitutional provision to see if he is or is not eligible to be president,” Farrell said.

The Commonwealth Court hearing on whether to disqualify Sen. Cruz’s nominating petitions is now set for March 10.

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