SHOCKING: New York Times Report Downplays Bernie Sanders AS A FAR LEFT SENATOR

Bernie Sanders

This is amazing because it shows how worried the liberal establishment is about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the possibility that she could be surpassed by Sanders who they know would lose in a general election.

From the New York Times:

Hillary Clinton Campaign, Unnerved by Iowa, Braces for New Hampshire

Late Monday night, supporters of Hillary Clinton gathered for what they expected would be a victory rally.

Over the weekend, her campaign had exuded confidence, with some advisers predicting she would win the Iowa caucuses by several percentage points, and by Monday evening, they were urging news outlets to call the race in her favor. Mrs. Clinton prepared a victory speech in which she virtually ignored her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and attacked the Republican candidates.

Then the caucus results started rolling in. And everything changed.

The outcome in Iowa — which at least until Tuesday afternoon appeared to be effectively a tie with a far left senator from a small New England state — dealt a jolting psychological blow to the Clinton campaign, leaving volunteers, donors and aides confused throughout the night, and then crestfallen. They had hoped that the former secretary of state would garner a decisive victory here and put to rest any doubts about her strength as a candidate.

Conservatives owe a debt of gratitude to Bernie Sanders.


Progressives are used to advancing their socialist agenda quietly and under the radar.

Bernie has finally exposed the left’s true goals for all to see.

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