The Right Scoop: Trump On Common Core Going Viral – But It’s a Mistake – Here’s Proof

Kudos to The Right Scoop for reporting on Donald Trump’s rally gaffe honestly.

trump clemson
Trump spoke to an estimated 10,000 supporters Wednesday night in South Carolina.

Trump misspoke and told his South Carolina audience at Clemson University tonight that he was going to keep Common Core.
Trump misspoke. He regularly talks about ending Common Core. He includes it in almost all of his speeches.


But The Right Scoop reported the full story.

But, if you look at it in context, it’s clear that he just misspoke.

This is an edit by el Scoopo himself, wherein he spliced together two different parts of the speech to show that Trump probably just slipped up.

There’s no way that he changed his mind within a few minutes.

The Right Scoop is NOT a Trump supporting website.
But they are honest.
Kudos to The Right Scoop.

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