Republicans Announce $105 Million Haul – What a Waste of Good Money

When Detroit collapsed and went bankrupt after 60 years of failed Democratic leadership, where were the Republicans?
Where were the GOP ads showing the crumbling and vacant buildings after the Democratic Party destroyed this once prosperous American city?

When Obama withdrew US troops from Iraq and created a vacuum in the Middle East that allowed the Islamic State to expand from Syria, to Iraq, to Libya, to Afghanistan… where were the GOP ads targeting the Obama Doctrine?
isis string bombs
Obama’s redistributive economic policies are just as bad as his foreign policy.

 Americans are worse off today than they were when Barack Obama took office.
** US workers today make less than they did when Obama took office. Average pay in real terms slumped 4 percent from 2009-14, according to the National Employment Labor Project.
** Labor Participation rate is stuck at a 38 year low.
** The percentage of working age Americans who are actually working has barely risen from the depths of the last recession.


As the left continues to wreak havoc on the American public, where is the pushback?
Where is the Republican Party?

Today the Democrats are running a open Socialist for president. The batsh*t crazy old Communist from Vermont may not win the nomination this year but his participation will allow Democrats to run a younger more charismatic open Socialist in the future.

As Stephen Miller argues in The Wilderness the Sanders revolution is not accidental.

If comedy and talk shows can embed Bernie Sanders into the national consciousness as our lovably off-beat “cool socialist grandpa,” as Larry David portrayed so effortlessly on Saturday Night Live (an impression Sanders felt almost obligated to embrace), the messenger becomes meaningless. His movement doesn’t become about politics, nor does it become about his age or lack of hearing. It becomes about repurposing culture (an arena where still Democrats rack up a near 100% win percentage) to sell the idea of a socialist republic where personal property rights and independent liberty become an afterthought. As painful a sight as it is to see a media that sold Obama as the essence of youthful charismatic hope reduced to selling what’s left of their integrity out to make the most uncool and aged candidates palatable, it works if there’s no pushback to it.

And Democrats are certainly not worried about pushback. They never have to worry about pushback.

This week the GOP bragged about their $105 million haul in 2015. Why? What are they going to do with it? It won’t be spend on preserving the nation. It won’t be spent on strategy or pushback. What do they do with their money exactly?
What a waste of good money.

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