Report: Bad News for Cruz – Rumors Swirl Regarding Donor Doubts About Campaign Viability

cruz body of christ

After his third place loss in South Carolina rumors are swirling that donors are having doubts about Cruz’s future.
DC Whispers reported:

Unlike more moderate New Hampshire, Ted Cruz needed to do more than merely finish well in South Carolina – he needed to win. The Cruz campaign pulled out all the stops in a manic effort to secure victory.

Instead, it appears he will finish a distant second or third to Donald Trump. It is a finish that has his donors reconsidering the longer term viability of a campaign that is now for the first time in weeks, said to be spending far more dollars than it is taking in.

And where Marco Rubio now appears poised to receive an influx of Establishment GOP dollars, Ted Cruz is likely to see supporters who have already been hit hard for donations, begin to pull back from doing so even as Cruz’s deeper pockets supporters do the same.

UPDATE: The New York Times tells a different story. Senator Cruz reportedly began February with $13.6 million in cash on hand.

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