Pro-Migrant Ad: Rape Only Lasts 30 Seconds – Racism Lasts a Lifetime

rape 30 seconds
Rape only lasts 30 Seconds — Racism Lasts a Lifetime

This ad is reportedly running in Germany
Via Little Notes from Paris:

This is the pamphlet which is circulating on the Internet and in the city of Munich, Germany, together with the hash tag #refugeeswelcome and #antifa.

The scandalous leaflet is [allegedly] coming from the immigrationnists, anti-racists, anti-fascists, who had the very alarming bad taste to broadcast . The sordid and moralising Delirium of these people has reached the abyss of abjection. Before there was the cannon fodder to fight the invasion, on offer now is the pleasurable flesh to support the invasion!

The message is clear: if mass immigration brings with it grave consequences, including rape, it must still be accepted because it helps to combat racism!

It is a straying into something that nobody has yet dared to claim explicitly, but that has by now a large audience on the social networks of the German Left and among the administrators of various political pages. Because to be frank, German politicians, worried about public order, will have to force their wives and daughters to bear the consequences of this immigrationary invasion.

But even more seriously: this thought seems to be accepted by a part of the German people, the accursed people, the greatest losers of the Second World War, overwhelmed by an eternal and generational shame, a people who maintains a very weird relationship with its identity condemning any hint of regeneration and rebirth. In some sections of the ultra-left society, this identity must even disappear from the face of the earth.

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