Oops He Did It Again! Robot Rubio Repeats Talking Point Within Seconds at NH Rally

Glitch in the Matrix.
Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio momentarily got flustered, looking like he had just seen a repeated image of a black cat, during a campaign rally in Nashua, New Hampshire on Monday as he realized he was repeating verbatim a point he had made just a moment before.

“We are taking our message to families that are struggling to raise their children in the Twenty-First Century. Because as you saw Jeanette and I are raising our four children in the Twenty-First Century. And we know how hard it’s become to instill our values in our kids instead of the values they try to ram down our throats.

“In the Twenty-First Century it’s become harder than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church instead of the values that they try to ram down our…throats in the movies, in music, in popular culture.”

Rubio’s robotic repetition of talking points was highlighted to great effect by rival Chris Christie in last Saturday’s Republican presidential debate.

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