OF COURSE: Female Senators Claim Hillary is a VICTIM OF SEXISM

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Hillary Clinton reminds people that she’s running to be the first woman president every time she speaks but noticing she’s a woman is somehow sexism. Get ready for another six to eight months of this.

The Hill reports:

Frustrated female senators say Clinton is victim of sexism

Women serving in the Senate say Hillary Clinton is being subjected to an unfair, sexist double standard on the campaign trail.

Criticisms of Clinton’s tone of voice have become prominent in recent weeks, stirring strong feelings among Senate Democratic women who say they too have had to battle the stereotype of the shrill female.

“She’s often judged by a double standard,” said Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), the dean of the Senate women.
“Many of we women feel that there’s a double standard. What’s being said about Hillary is what women have heard for centuries. You’re too loud, you’re too aggressive, you’re too pushy. Why do you want the vote?”

Senate Democratic women have raised their concerns about the public treatment of Clinton in private conversations with their colleagues, with lawmakers keeping close watch on her primary battle with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“There are many Senate men that feel the same way. It’s an equal opportunity for frustration. When are we going to start talking about ideas?” Mikulski said.

Female lawmakers were particularly galled by recent statements by Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward, one of the nation’s most respected journalists, characterizing Clinton’s tone as “screaming.”

You can’t make your gender one of the pillars of your platform and then complain when people mention it.


That’s the real double standard.

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