Obama’s Slouching, Casual Demeanor Marred Speech on Scalia Death

A vacationing President Barack Obama waited until after he spent five hours playing golf Saturday in California to address the nation on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

“After 5+ hours at @PGAWESTGOLF, Pres Obama heading to make statement on passing of Justice Scalia.”

When he did deign to interrupt his Washington’s Birthday holiday weekend vacation, Obama spoke to the nation from the press filing center in Rancho Mirage while not wearing a tie with his rumpled shirt collar open under a suit jacket. Two-thirds through reading prepared remarks staged on the lectern, Obama placed both elbows on the lectern and finished the three-minute speech slouching on the lectern.

Obama Speech Scalia Feb 13 2016 WH
A casual President Obama leaning on his elbows and wearing no tie, addresses nation on passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, image White House via Mother Jones.

Obama set the tone for his disrespectful presentation with a casual, “Good evening, everybody,” as he strode to the lectern.

Michelle Malkin observed Obama was not sharp presenting his remarks.

“A lot of stumbling and bumbling by Obama through his obligatory remarks about Scalia. What a mess.”


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