Obama to Attend Fundraiser at Home of Man Who COVERED UP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE

Dem donor abuse

Isn’t it funny how the whole “War on Women” thing goes out the window when large amounts of cash for Democrats are involved? Obama seems to like pretty much anyone who’s willing to give money to his party.

The Daily Caller reported:

Obama To Attend Fundraiser At Home Of Donor Who Tried To Make Brutal Domestic Violence Case ‘Go Away’

Democrats like to claim they’re the fairer sex’s last line of defense in the Republican-waged “war on women.” Which makes it all the more hypocritical that President Obama will attend a fundraiser at the California home of a venture capitalist and potential gubernatorial candidate who leaned on his political contacts to help a business partner escape charges for striking his girlfriend 117 times in a 30-minute span back in 2013.

Steve Westly will host Obama and other Democrats at his Atherton home on Feb. 11. The cost to attend the event ranges from $25,000 for VIPs and $250 for general admission. Proceeds will go to the Democratic Hope Fund, which raises money to help retire Obama’s lingering campaign debt.

Westly, the former controller of California, has been a prolific fundraiser for Democrats. He bundled more than $500,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns. He also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to Obama and other Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.

Do you think anyone in the liberal media will report the truth about this?


Fat chance.


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