Bernie Satanists

The 2016 election is now reaching absurd proportions. A group of self-described Satanists has formed to endorse Bernie Sanders called Satanists for Bernie.

Infowars reports:

‘Bern Like Hell’: Satanists Rally Behind Socialist Bernie Sanders

Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders’ campaign has evidently roused the satanic electorate.

In a highly popular pro-Sanders meme group created on Facebook, a post with an image stating, “Satanists for Bernie 2016,” has received over 1,100 likes and more than 200 shares.

While the image’s creator is unknown, it is discussed in the comments that the Church of Satan, a central hub of satanic worship, has not officially endorsed any candidate for president.

Another group entitled the Satanic Communist Party, boasting over 2,000 members, also appears to lean pro-Bernie.

While supporters attempt to distance Sanders’ brand of socialism from Communism, revolutionaries instrumental in shaping the ideology, in particular Vladimir Lenin, have openly admitted, “The goal of socialism is Communism.”

In a 1986 book entitled Marx & Satan, author Richard Wumbrand, who was imprisoned for 14 years by the Communist government of Romania for espousing Christian beliefs, demonstrates through direct quotes that the man credited as the father of Communism crafted the ideology with inspiration from the powers of darkness and with the intent to destroy religion.

Anyone with any knowledge of history knows Communists despise people of faith.


What a sad commentary on the state of American culture.


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