Neighborhood in Tucson Arizona Tagged With PRO-ISIS GRAFFITI (VIDEO)

ISIS Graffiti AZ

A community in Arizona is reeling after the appearance of graffiti which showed support for the terror group ISIS. This could just be a prank but that wouldn’t make it any less disturbing.

ABC News in Arizona reported:

Tucson neighborhood on edge after hateful phrases are written out on walls and cars

A disturbing sight is sprawling across the walls and cars of one northwest side neighborhood.

Graffiti with ISIS-inspired words have hit the community near River and Stone and it has put many residents on edge.

Phrases like ‘attack cops’ and ‘you’re not safe’ are now spread across at least five walls in the Northmanor Neighborhood.

Other walls take on the government, writing ‘kill Obama’ and ‘kill Clinton,’ among other phrases.

At least 3 cars were also tagged, spelling out ISIS with black spray paint.

Here’s a video report:

The person or persons who did this will be in a world of trouble if caught.


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