Oh WOW!… MUST SEE!! SAD SANDERS SUPPORTER Sobs Over Mean Trump Supporters (VIDEO)

Some young lady is very emotionally distraught about evil Trump supporters and cries about it on Youtube.

Chelsea sobs on YouTube—

You could not make this up – It is absolutely priceless!
Chelsea, a Sanders supporter cries talking about how mean the Trump people were to her on the phone.


Chelsea posted this on Saturday after her Socialist candidate came in a close second to Hillary the liar.
It was a tough day.
She was calling voters in the SEC primary states.

“The people we called were voting for Trump. And I just want you to know that the people that are voting for him are really sick people that refer to human beings as animals. And it actually made me sick. It was really disheartening.

It only gets better.

‘There was a lot of comments about building walls and getting rid of the Mexicans. Hearing that for hours was SO horrible.”

I think it’s safe to say Chelsea is a card-carrying member of the Precious Snowflake generation.

She cry’s the entire time, because Trump supporters are just so awful.

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