MUST SEE=> Politically Correct UNH Students Get Punked by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.22.37 PM
Fans of the old Late Night With Conan O’Brien will remember Triumph The Insult Comic Dog. Turns out he has he own web series now, and it’s just as hilarious as his sketches on Conan’s show.

In this episode, Triumph takes a trip to University of New Hampshire to have a focus group sit’n’chat with several students, with topics surrounding modern “social justice”, politically correct terminology. He tries to come up with non offensive ways to hump legs, gets some insight on what certain people of certain types prefer to be called, and he even gives the students offensive name tags! The skit enters it’s climax when a flamboyantly gay, large black male walks into the room and starts mowing down on candy bars. The guy leaves and Triumph tries to get the students to describe him to a police sketch artist! The students have to try to describe our flamboyant friend without sounding offensive.

It’s so perfect….. FOR ME TO POOP ON!

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