MSNBC Reporter Gives Live Report At Gun Range AND EMBARRASSES HIMSELF (VIDEO)

kerry sanders

MSNBC Reporter Kerry Sanders may be one of the worst reporters in cable TV news. He was the guy that broke into the San Bernardino terrorists home and tried to drum up stories about any of the household items left behind.

This time, he may have outdone himself.

Newsbusters reports:

A MSNBC correspondent on Tuesday decided to do a live report from a gun range. As one could guess, it didn’t go well. Reporter Kerry Sanders pointed at the gun-rights fans and began, “There are lots of folks here who believe that Second Amendment in this country is under attack.” Seconds later, the shooting started.

The Second Amendment afficionados drowned Sanders out. He sounded like this: “A short distance away later today [BLAM] Donald Trump [BLAM] — protect the Second Amendment.” He soldiered on, shifting to other topics. But it came across as this: “Talking about [BLAM] Ted Cruz has fired his spokesman. We’re probably going to hear a lot more later [BLAM].”

Clearly, this guy has never been to a gun range.

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