Mitt Romney: We Have Good Reason to Believe There’s a Bombshell in Trump’s Taxes (Video)

So this must be the new GOPe attack on Donald Trump–
He’s lying about his taxes…

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney went on with Neil Cavuto to discuss the current Republican race.

mitt cavuto

Mitt said there’s a good reason to believe there’s a bombshell in Trump’s taxes.
This was a weird exchange.


Neil Cavuto: Well, you have not come out and supported anyone so far. What are you waiting for?

Mitt Romney: Frankly, I’d like to see a number of things from the candidates. Not just their positions on issues in some detail. Some candidates are more thorough in laying out what they’re going to do than others. But, I’d also like to see their back taxes. I’d like to see where they file their taxes in the last several years. I’m not talking about their taxes this year. I’m talking about the taxes that have already been filed with the IRS. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have none shown as their back taxes… Frankly we have a good reason to believe there is a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes.

Neil Cavuto: What do you mean?

Mitt Romney: Well, I think there’s something there. Either he’s not nearly as wealthy as he say he is or he hasn’t been paying the kind of taxes we’d expect him to pay. Or perhaps he hasn’t been giving money to the vets.

Seriously? Trump just gave $6 million to several veterans groups in January.

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