Megyn Kelly and Media Elites Go Off on Trump Supporters: “Enough. Seriously!”

“Enough. Seriously.” That’s how Donald Trump nemesis Megyn Kelly of Fox News reacted to a report that Trump supporters expressed hostility to reporters at a Trump rally on Sunday.

NBC News reporter Katy Tur had posted to Twitter from the Trump rally in Atlanta that Trump supporters called her a bitch and gave the press the finger after Trump criticized the media during his speech.

“Trump trashes press. Crowd jeers. Guy by press ‘pen’ looks at us & screams “you’re a bitch!” Other gentleman gives cameras the double bird.”


** This is a commonly used tactic by the liberal media to attack conservative crowds. They protect rioting leftist mobs but attack conservatives and push rumors of abusive treatment.

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet the Press also spoke out, adding he fears Trump will incite violence against reporters.

“The campaign rhetoric needs to be ratcheted back. This is outrageous and dangerous behavior”


“that’s my fear”

Katy Tur was called out by Trump in December for falsely reporting he had been driven from the stage by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Trump’s stump speech contains a riff on media bias based on the cameras never turning to show the thousands of supporters at his rallies, but those same cameras suddenly start turning when protesters disrupt Trump’s speeches.

Trump repeated that riff at Sunday’s rally as he watched the cameras in the press pit swivel to cover a protester. It was apparently at that point that Katy Tur reported being heckled by the two Trump supporters.

View from the press pit.

The Trump rally drew over 10,000 supporters to the World Congress Center in Atlanta.

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