OUTRAGE=> St. John’s University ALLOWS Minority Student to Threaten-Attack Female Student Over Trump Sticker

St. John’s University —> Where Conservative Students Are Threatened and Attacked without Consequences

An unhinged student and Black Lives Matter supporter threatened to “Smash a B*tch’s Computer” and assaulted her this week because she had a Donald Trump sticker on her laptop.

Clifford Durand threatened on Twitter to “smash a b*tch’s computer” on Twitter.
His account has since been suspended.


Clifford Durand then punched – shoved Brianna Algazali after class.
Heavy reported:

The student told the newspaper Algazali asked Clifford Durand to take down the post and he told her to “make me.” The student said Durand then punched her in the chest.

Here’s video of Durand – His friends are laughing about the attack after his brief discussion with university officials:
“They can’t hold you bro!”

Durand attacked the girl “Shoved her in her neck” after she asked him to take down the Tweet. The Daily Mail reported:

A student has been condemned online after threatening to smash a classmate’s computer because it had a Donald Trump sticker on it.

The man, identified online as Clifford Durand, a student at St John’s University, New York, posted at 10am threatening to ‘smash this b**ch’s computer’ if his message was retweeted 7,000 times.

After the message went viral, attracting more than 20,000 shares as of Wednesday evening, Durand boasted about getting into a fight with the girl, who has yet to be identified. In a now-deleted message at around 4pm, Durand wrote: ‘She threw her Starbucks at me and got shoved in the neck.’

According to students at the college, who spoke to the New York Daily News, the fight broke out in a corridor after the woman saw the message about her. Sources told the news site that the woman asked for the post to be taken down, to which Durand responded ‘make me’.

smash her shit

Without directly referencing Durand’s messages, it says: ‘Thank you to everyone who reported the incident to us. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. Public Safety is handing the situation. ‘Safety is our top priority. Any student in violation of our Code of Conduct is subject to our conduct process.’

But that is not true- There was NO REPORTED REPERCUSSIONS for Clifford Durand following the attack on the conservative student.

But there is video of Durand and his friends laughing after he was released back on campus.

You parents out there may want to remember this when it comes time to choosing a college for your son or daughter.

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