Left Wing Comic Bashes GOP On Voter ID But Ignores Dem Superdelegates and Coin Tosses (VIDEO)

John Oliver

John Oliver of HBO is extremely popular with leftists which is no surprise considering he got his start on the Daily Show. In the clip below, he spends over 14 minutes railing against Republicans and voter ID.

Strangely, he never mentions the corrupt process by which Democrats decided votes in Iowa by a coin toss, or the Democrat “Superdelegates” which handed Hillary Clinton a win after she was defeated in New Hampshire.

Jim Geraghty of National Review:


A Comedian’s Glaring Omission

HBO’s John Oliver is often very funny, very profane, and sadly predictably partisan. Last night Oliver’s show featured a 14-minute segment on threats to the right to vote, contending that it is “difficult” for the registered voters to obtain a government-issued identification and show it when they vote.

If you think no one listens to this buffoon, this has been watched over a million times in two days.

Here’s the video:

This is just part of the left’s effort to paint voter ID as racist while corrupting our election process.

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