JUDGE JUDY Trolls Woman Who Thinks She’s ENTITLED To Other People’s Money (VIDEO)

Judge Judy pic

Judge Judy has had it with the entitled little snowflakes who think they deserve other people’s money.

BizPac Review reports:

An unbelievable exchange between two women in Judge Judy’s courtroom is making its rounds on YouTube.

The plaintiff was seeking the repayment of what she claimed was a $2,000 loan to a friend.

Nothing new or unusual there. What has liberty-minded individuals disgusted is the mindset of the “friend” who won’t pay it back.

During questioning, the defendant, who claims the loan was a gift, says she feels entitled to keep the money.

Why? Because, according to her, her friend is “floating in dough.”

Judge Judy sarcastically asked when the defendant declared herself “a partner” in the “dough” that was earned by the plaintiff and her husband. “That’s what’s wrong with our country,” Judge Judy said.

The judged asked why the defendant thinks it’s her “business” what her friend earns.

We need less moochers and more hard workers like Judge Judy!


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