AWFUL=> John McCain Compares US to ISIS and Japanese Forces in World War II (VIDEO)

*Ugh* Would someone please primary this old RINO out of office.
isis string bombs
ISIS blows the heads off of a string of infidels

John McCain today compared the United States to ISIS and Hirohito’s Japanese forces in World War II.

McCain was a guest on Outnumbered today. The senior Arizona senator also said Bush officials lied about waterboarding.


John McCain: Abu Ghraib shocked the world. Abu Ghraib was a great propaganda tool for them. We tried Japanese generals and hung them for war crimes. One of the crimes was waterboarding… This is a near death experience. They will tell that person who’s administering that anything they want to hear. And when someone says it led to Osama bin Laden they’re lying. And what we got was a whole lot of bad information from these people. Second of all, are we going to subject people to torture? Is that what the United States is all about?…

Andrea Tantaros: Senator then do you believe administration officials in the Bush administration, the former Attorney General. Do you believe they are lying?

John McCain: I believe they are lying when they said they got useful information… Do we want to be on the same plane as those people who are chopping off heads of people?

And he’s a Republican!

McCain then said waterboarding should be allowed if there is a nuclear threat(?)
What a confused old RINO.

In February 2013 Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admitted information from waterboarding led to Osama bin Laden.

UPDATE: Kelli Ward is running in the Republican primary to replace John McCain.

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