Joe Biden Says ‘We’re On Verge Of Resurgence’ AFTER 8 YEARS OF OBAMA ECONOMY

joe biden

Joe Biden is going around the country touting Obama’s 2009 stimulus package as the savior of the Great Recession.

Too bad it hasn’t done anything but cause more problems.

The Hayride reports:

The country is eight years into President Obama’s economy, and yet is still lagging behind as if it just came off of a recession last year.

However, while giving a speech in New Orleans today, Vice President Joe Biden said the country is basically souring again and things are going splendidly.

“Great things have been done, but there’s so much more we have to do. We’ve gone from crisis to recovery, we’re now on the verge of resurgence,” Biden said of the recession and stimulus as he called for new infrastructure and transportation funding. “We’re better equipped than any nation in the world to lead the world economically, politically. We just need to get out of our own way.”

What kind of fantasy land is Joe Biden living in?

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