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Captain America

Andrew Breitbart once said that all politics is downstream from culture. The left has known this for years and this is just the latest example of their efforts.

In a bizarre twist on reality, Captain America fights free market capitalism in a recent comic book.
The Farrell File reports:


Captain America’s New Villains Are Right Wing Capitalists

Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna, and Paul Renaud’s run on Captain America: Sam Wilson continues to serve as a direct attack on conservatives and libertarians in the form of a comic. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise given that Spencer ran for the Cincinnati City Council under the Charter Party and once worked within the Democrat party — not to mention his Twitter feed is pretty much a stream of his own political opinions.

The attacks began in the very first issue, when Spencer brings back one of Marvel’s oldest villains, the Sons of the Serpent. Previously, the Sons of the Serpent were “a racist group created by General Chen in an attempt to divide America, performing hate-crimes against foreigners around the country.” However, Spencer, Acuna, and Renaud have turned the group into one that supports free-market principles and opposes illegal immigration. Their stance on illegal immigration was covered extensively when the first issue debuted. However, in the most recent issue, Spencer decided to up the ante even more, characterizing Viper as a free-marketeer and one who believes in American exceptionalism:

Captain America 2

Is it any wonder why so many young people support Bernie Sanders?

Pop culture has become a tool for left-wing indoctrination.


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