It’s About Time… University of Missouri Fires Unhinged Professor Melissa Click

In November Mizzou race activists harassed an Asian reporter while protesting on campus.

University of Missouri professor Melissa Click was directing the protesters.
melissa click 2
Mizzou professor Melissa Click, an assistant professor of mass media at the University of Missouri, ordered a journalist to leave an area where demonstrators had gathered on the Missouri campus.

Melissa Click then called activists to “muscle” the Asian journalist off campus!


In early February Professor Click told reporters she was “trying to keep the crowd calm” when she told the race protesters to rough up an Asian reporter.

Melissa Click told reporters she had no prior history of altercations in her 12 years of experience at the University of Missouri.

Melissa lied.
The activist professor participated in race protests at Mizzou on homecoming weekend!
They shut down the homecoming parade!
melissa click parade

Newly obtained video released last week shows the unhinged Mizzou professor Melissa Click berating police officers at a homecoming parade in October.

In the video Click is seen screaming at the police officer, “Get your f*cking hands off of me!”

(Warning on Content and Language)

Today the University of Missouri Board of Curators fired Melissa Click.
FOX 2 Now reported:

The University of Missouri Board of Curators has fired Assistant Professor of Communication Melissa Click. She drew national attention in November when she called for “muscle” to remove a student journalist from the scene of a student protest on racism. The video went viral.

The announcement came during a Thursday afternoon conference call. Board chair Pam Henrickson said they received the results of an investigation. The board voted to terminate based on the findings.

When asked if there is a severance package Henrickson responded, “It is a straight-up dismissal.”

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