ISIS Arrests Women for Fleeing Russian Airstrikes Without Proper Dress

ISIS arrests and fines women who fled the Russian bombardment “without legitimate clothing”
isis women dress
Apparently it’s still a crime not to cover up when running for your life from Russian bombs.

The women fled the Russian bombs without their niqabs.
Albawaba reported, via Religion of Peace:

Sources in Deir Ezzor allege that Daesh detained and fined a group of women who fled Russian airstrikes without properly covering up. The women reportedly ran away from airstrikes in the Busad neighborhood of Muhasan, a town occupied by Daesh, but landed in trouble with the religious police for violating the strict dress code imposed on them.

Mujahed al-Shami, the organizer of the “Deir Ezzor is being slaughtered silently” media campaign, reported that Russian airstrikes were targeting the Busad neighborhood, which is home to many foreign fighters as well as Syrian civilians.

The women reportedly fled their homes towards fields near the Euphrates river in order to escape the bombardment, but did not fully cover up first.

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