Incompetent TSA Still Unable To Verify Employee CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS

If the TSA was a private company, they would have already had to close their doors due to incompetence. This latest news should make you feel really safe next time you travel.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Government oversight officials informed Congress on Wednesday that the Transportation Security Administration continues to operate in disarray, failing to record basic security details for thousands of employees and not tracking official IDs and badges that allow access to the most sensitive areas of an airport.

Lawmakers described the security agency as operating “in chaos” and expressed frustration with Obama administration officials as they informed the House Oversight Committee about a range of security shortfalls that continue to endanger the nation’s 450 commercial airports.

TSA’s inability to properly screen and track employees has been well documented for years. However, the administration has failed to enact multiple reforms aimed at tightening security and making it more efficient, lawmakers said.

Don’t you feel safer already?


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