Immigrant Rally Says White People Need To “Feel Discomfort”

ImmigrantRallyFlyer“If you’re white, be ok with knowing that you may not be trusted because of what you look like. It takes time to build that trust, you may need to sit with that discomfort when trying to be an ally” reads part of a flyer that was being passed out at a rally to support “immigrants” and “refugees” in Portland last month.

And, apparently, by saying you don’t see color, this oppresses people and denies them their experiences. The muslim head scarf, called a hijab, apparently empowers women. Don’t question someone who thinks they are oppressed, as that just oppresses them further. And last, but certainly not least, don’t treat others as you wish to be treated, but treat them how they wish to be treated.

One of the MCs of the rally was Kayse Jama, of the Center For Intercultural Organizing, who says it’s racist to do background checks on the Syrian “refugees”, and encourages the crowd to call Oregon Senator’s Wyden and Merkley and tell them to oppose the bill.


Another speaker was a crazed Black Panther guy who goes off on a rant about white people, capitalism, “patriarchy”, and “neo colonialism”.

Joseph Santos-Lyons, of the Asian Pacific American Network Of Oregon (APANO), says white people rely on fear to maintain the status quo, and are insecure about multi culturalism and interfaiths.

An instructor at University Of Oregon’s “Labor & Education Research” department, Raahi Reddy, claims that Donald Trump wants to imprison Japanese Americans.

Andrea Paluso, of Family Forward Oregon, poses the question of “To my white brothers and sisters in the room, what are you willing to risk, to give up? How are you going to step forward to claim it? How are you going to step back, so that all can be seen?” after going off about “A great topic of concern and violent focus for so many men this today and always. The occupation of women’s bodies is a well exploited act of war. It is an exercise in complete domination. It leaves no grey areas. It is direct, it is violent, it is everything. Whether by force or by the powerful coercion of legislation, how can women know freedom or justice when our bodies are under the domain of angry and fearful men?”

Here are few other handouts from the rally:




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