Horror! CNN Crank Van Jones Worries Trump’s Win Will Lead to Authoritarian Rule (VIDEO)

CNN crank Van Jones is worried about Donald Trump’s popularity.

van jones trump

Far left crank Van Jones is seriously worried that Trump’s win and support will lead to authoritarian rule.

He hasn’t just broken through electorally. He’s broken through psychologically. He’s broken through sociologically. he’s making people feel comfortable with things that were completely unacceptable. You literally have a front-runner who is threatening to punch somebody in the face at his own rally. And we think, why should we even talk about it? He’s done so many other crazy things. That is very dangerous. Authoritarian movements gain momentum by lowering the resistances to very outrageous stuff.

Oh brother.
What Democrats really fear is Trump’s ability to break down the walls of political correctness that took decades to construct.
That’s what terrifies the Socialists and Democrats the most.


It’s widely known that Democrats love authoritarian rule.
After all, they voted for Obama twice.

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