Hillary Spokesman Says Judge in Email Scandal Part of Right Wing Even Though Bill Clinton Appointed Him

Nothing is ever her fault!

Clinton surrogate

One of Hillary Clinton’s lackeys embarrassed himself today by claiming a judge’s decision to move forward with Hillary’s email scandal is part of the wast right wing conspiracy. One little problem…

The judge was appointed by Bill Clinton. Oops!

The Blaze reported:

Clinton Spox Says Judge’s Decision on Email Scandal Is Part of Right-Wing Conspiracy — Then News Anchor Drops Inconvenient Fact

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said a federal judge’s ruling that Clinton and her top aides should be questioned under oath about the candidate’s private email server is part of the ring wing’s effort to hurt her chances of becoming president — he was then confronted with an inconvenient fact.

Asked by CNN anchor Jake Tapper about the latest development in the months-long email scandal, Mook tried to dismiss the judge’s ruling as a “right-wing” group’s attempt to hurt Clinton’s chances of becoming president.

Tapper was quick to point out that Judge Emmett Sullivan, who sits on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, was appointed by Clinton’s own husband, Bill Clinton.

“It’s the judge’s decision to make,” Mook responded. “My point is this was promulgated by a right-wing group.”

Watch the video:

Nothing is ever Hillary’s fault.

It’s always the right conspiring against her which is to blame.



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