Gun Grabbing Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg MIGHT RUN FOR PRESIDENT (VIDEO)

Michael Bloomberg

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is rumored to be considering an independent run for president. Bloomberg has become well known in recent years as a champion of the so-called Nanny State over his support for strict gun control.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Michael Bloomberg Acknowledges He Is Weighing Presidential Bid

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg acknowledged for the first time that he was weighing a 2016 presidential bid, two weeks after an adviser said he was exploring the possibility.

Mr. Bloomberg said he was “looking at all the options” regarding a potential bid for president as an independent candidate, according to a Monday report in the Financial Times.

“I’m listening to what candidates are saying and what the primary voters appear to be doing,” Mr. Bloomberg told the newspaper.

He called the current presidential campaign “distressingly banal” and “an outrage and an insult to the voters.” He said he would have to start putting his name on state ballots as soon as March.

Monday’s comments are the first direct confirmation that the billionaire businessman is seriously weighing a 2016 bid.

Here’s a video report from CNN:

If Bloomberg runs, he’ll get plenty of support from the media for his liberal anti-gun position.



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