Good Grief!… More ‘Dirty Tricks’ – Cruz Aide Accused of Pushing Drop-Out Rumor in 2010 Race?

The Dirty Tricks Continue–
Ted Cruz makes Donald Trump look like a boy scout – And makes Dr. Carson look like a baby with candy in a stroller.

First the Cruz camp posted a photo of Marco Rubio with Barack Obama.
But the picture was photoshoppedand it wasn’t even a good photoshop.
rubio obama trade

Of course, the Cruz camp denied they would use a photo that was not authentic.”


Then there’s this…
Ted Cruz said the “dirty trick” the campaign played against Dr. Ben Carson was an innocent mistake.
But now there is evidence the Cruz campaign manager spread a similar rumor against an opponent in 2010.
FOX News reported:

Allegations of dirty tricks at the Ted Cruz campaign have put the spotlight on campaign manager Jeff Roe, particularly after the campaign was accused of spreading rumors on Iowa caucus night that rival Ben Carson was planning to drop out.

This isn’t the first time Roe’s been accused of shady campaign tactics – he faced similar accusations while working on a Missouri congressional race in 2010.

Back then, in the final days of the contest for Missouri’s 7th congressional district, a fraudulent email claiming to be from Democratic congressional candidate Scott Eckersley was sent to news outlets saying he intended to suspend his campaign for personal reasons, according to The Joplin Globe.

At the time, Roe and his firm, Axiom Strategies, was doing consulting work for the campaign of Republican candidate Billy Long. Eckersley alleged that operatives for his opponent were responsible, and placed blame at Roe’s feet.

“You know this is dirty politics. This is Jeff Roe-style management. That’s who Billy’s retained. That’s who he writes the big checks to,” Eckersley told KTTS.

Roe denied any involvement at the time in such underhanded tactics. And no evidence has definitively tied him to the emails.

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