They Don’t Even Hide It Anymore=> Demokrats Go Full Socialist With Glorious Leader Bernie Sanders

Bernie Soviet Flag

Bernie Sanders’ primary win in New Hampshire proves two things. First, Hillary Clinton is not as inevitable as the Democrat establishment thinks. Second, the Democratic Party has been taken over by far left progressives who are finally comfortable identifying as socialists.

Back in 2008, Obama supporters would foam at the mouth if you called Obama a socialist but today, many of those same people are rallying around a socialist candidate. It’s also worth noting that Bernie Sanders is older today than John McCain was in 2008 when these same people insisted McCain was too old to be president.

Our national debt recently topped $19 trillion dollars. Sanders wants to spend another 20.


The cost of a college education has spiraled out of control. Bernie wants to make college “free” which will surely drive the cost higher.

Under Obamacare, people are paying more for healthcare despite Obama’s false promises. Bernie doesn’t think the president went far enough.

Companies are moving overseas and taking jobs with them because our corporate tax rates are among the highest in the world. Bernie thinks they should be higher.

With all that in mind, we offer this video as congratulations to Bernie and his supporters on his big win in New Hampshire. Live free or die? More like live free on the hard work of others.


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